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I’m here to tell you a Small Story about a New Battle, which is something never before. It is the story that replicates the present situation in our lives. You must give it a read.

Its all about A Battle between Visible and Invisible

Lets Get started……..

Once upon a time, there was vast beautiful Deer Park. In this park, there were different types of deers living happily, Unitely without any fear.

One day a deer from the park is wandering around that beautiful park to see the beauty and after some time it got confused to return back and changed its direction not to the Park but to the Jungle. Slowly the deer entered into the Jungle.

The deer is watching over the jungle and found out that there were different types of very new Animals living in that jungle. It got thrilled and excited to see such new animals for the very first time in that jungle. There are Wolfs, Tigers, Lions, Foxes, Zeerafies, Zebras, Elephants, Types of Deers like Elk, Red deer, Chital, etc.

There is a Chital Deer with horns came across this Deer and said ” Hello deer brother! how are you? I haven’t seen you in this jungle so far. Where did you come from? and deer replied “Yes! I was new here and I came from a Beautiful Deer Park. The Chital Deer continued the conversation as” This Jungle is not at all like your park. Here in this jungle, there were Wild and bloodthirsty animals that can hunt and eat us. You guys don’t even know how to escape from those Wild animals. So, it’s better to go from here as soon as possible to save your life. The chital warned the deer.

By hearing Warning words from the Chital deer, the Deer from the park laughed loudly and said ” Oh you bloody effeminate one! You are a deer and I’m also a deer, the way how you can escape from death in the same way I can escape too. The chital deer has no words to say and left the deer went away.

The deer from the park feeling innerly like this” I can easily escape from the death-like those chital deers, this effeminate chital deer warning me how foolish it is! Then it moved forward without any fear. The deer has seen a Lion sleeping under a big tree. It moved slowly to that Lion and after reaching the Lion, suddenly the deer trampled the tail of the Lion. The Lion got awaken lazily by deer’s mischievous thing and the Lion roared with high intense by seeing the deer. The deer got very much fear like a stoppage of heart with lion’s roar.

At that instance, the deer started to run the way back to the beautiful deer Park quickly. The deer still running very fast to the park to escape from Lion’s hunt, It is about to reach near the park in some seconds only then the Lion got its prey(deer) easily. Lion killed the deer and ate. After having a tasty meal the lion got up and moved forward into the park and saw the beautiful deer park there it found a lot of deers. There are no boundaries for the happiness of Lion at that moment, hunting got very easy and the lion started to eat one by one.

With the sudden massacre, all deers got dreadful fear. all deers got seperated, went in to the bushes and stayed in those bushes fearfully. By mistake if any deer comes out the Lion simply hunting down mercilessly. So, the situation got worse and all deers are thinking how can we escape from this dreadful situation? There is a one young and clever deer living in that park called as “Gyana Netra” (Eye of Wisdom). Elders from the deer group has come to this Gyana Netra for help by asking what is the solution for this crisis?

Then the Gyana Netra said” I was also thinking the same. This wild animal called Lion and we can’t escape from its powerful paw strike. How hardly or how deeply we think, there is only one way for us to escape that is “This Lion can survive without any food only for 14 days. And we can survive without any food for 21 days. So, each and every deer must go into their bushes and hide for 14 days this is enough for us to get rid of this bloody shit lion. If anyone carelessly comes out and got the attention of Lion then it will become an advantage for the lion to survive for more 14 days. Today is Dark Moon, now itself we all hide in our bushes and on the day of Full Moon we will come out. And its the responsibility of the elders to look after each and every deer that no one should step out. Then all deers agreed with the Younger Deer (Gyana Netra) and hide in the bushes without food for 14 days.

The day Full Moon has come. Then all deers one after one slowly came out from their bushes with fear. All deers came to the center of the park and there they found the lion dead under the tree. All the deers saw the dead body of the lion and Happily shouted with a loud voice. All the deers with full of joy, merry and dance and the park got a new vibe.


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