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Can Vengeance Keep a Man Alive? Yes or No

A Real Story is based on the incidents of real events


Hi Guys, ismartravi would like to tell you a real story and an interesting one which is happened in history and has impacted many lives towards Patriotism…

On April 13, 1919, in Amritsar, Punjab that is the time of Jallianwala Bagh, there is a small garden, in this garden all Indians participated in an assembly peacefully due to revolution against Rowlatt Act.

In the meantime suddenly General O’Dwyer without any notice started firing on the innocent people who were in that place mercilessly. Nearly One Thousand members have shot dead and Two Thousand members have been wounded badly. This horrible situation has remained in History forever.

On that day from an Orphanage home, a 19-year-old teenager came to facilitate Drinking water to the assembly. The teenager couldn’t bear the situation as it broke his heart. He lied on the ground like a dead one and saved his life. By seeing the dead bodies he was horrified, got very much angry by the massacre, and tears started rolling from the eyes.

He took the bloodshed mud of the garden into his hands, made a pledge then and there itself “I will not leave the Culprit to death who is responsible for this massacre”

The Teenager started his journey to search for General O’Dwyer who is responsible for the massacre. Got trained in Gun firing. For some days he joined with Bhagat Singh in revolutionary programs.

While the teenager was thinking to kill O’dwyer by moving to England got arrested with Bhagat Singh. In Front of his eyes, Bhagat Singh was hanged to death and he went to shock.

In 1932, the teenager got released from jail and moved to England as he wants to study engineering. He started to follow general dyer by changing his identity, for this thing he had faced many troubles and spent sleepless nights.

On the day of July 13, 1940, He got information that O’Dwyer is about to participate in a conference. With a hardship, he has got an entry pass. The teenager has setup a Pistol in the book without knowing by others, took that book in his hands went to the conference like he knows nothing.

The conference has started, the British people started praising O’Dwyer like a Hero, Brave heart, etc, those praises made teenager’s blood boil and the cries of the innocent people who were bleeding like a hell, losing their lives in Jallianwala Bagh massacre came in front of him like an imagination. But this teenager was like the bold, still, shown no expressions on his face.

Meanwhile, the speech of O’Dwyer has finished. People gathered to appreciate dyer and came near to him. This teenager also got up, took his book, and approaching near to O’Dwyer…..

approaching nearer to O’Dwyer……

O’Dwyer had seen and observed this teenager keenly, and the way of his dressing reminded him something which is happened in the past with this he got confused and stood from his chair to make an attempt to protect him.

That’s it the teenager took out the pistol from his book and started firing like a bullet shower with lightning speed. Given slogans by holding his ground.

O’Dwyer filled with pride and has spoken these words after Jallianwala Bagh massacre ” I Have Killed thousands of people, Indians are my slaves. They are alive today is only because of mercy. The person who spoke all those words now shot dead and fell on the ground.

The teenager was given a statement that I’m still alive only for this time to finish O’dwyer. Now my vengeance got finished.

The Teenager’s name is Shaheed Udham Singh. An Indian Freedom Fighter, Revolutionist, Martyr…..


Note: I ain’t encourage vengeance love your neighbor as your self…🖋📝

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