Top 10 announcements due to Lockdown announced by the Govt of India.

At present, the entire world is under the Vicious COVID-19 Virus.

india covid 19

Every Country has been locked down to fight against the virus. Every person now locked or isolated themselves in their home. The World is at the pathetic situation as the GDP got lower due to this pandemic. In India, it’s been one month the whole country got locked down. The Indian Government has managed to escape from the widespread of COVID-19 virus by setting lockdown. The Indian Government got some announcements about relaxations given below.

  1. Transportation of Necessary, daily need grocery will be Continued.
  2. Commercial, Private Mercantile groups, government, Non-government Corporate organizations can be resumed to work.
  3. Constructional works can be resumed but the workers should stay at the construction sites only.
  4. Private vehicles are allowed only for Emergency services, Medical, Veterinary services, Necessary grocery, and office goers.
  5. Central and State wise offices will be resumed.
  6. Food processing units and manufacturing unit industries in the village will be resumed.
  7. No Relaxation for Metro services and Bus services till May 3rd.
  8. No Relaxation to conduct Meetings, Assemblies, Social, Political, Sports, Religious gatherings.
  9. No Relaxation for Educational institutes, pieces of training, Coaching Centres till May 3rd.
  10. In the Funeral event participation is only limited not more than 20 members.



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